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i met romulus sim, aka studio romuu, at foundation coffee house in the centre of manchester’s northern quarter, during the first week of his debut print exhibition there.

specialising in line drawings that celebrate architectural elevations, detail and geometry, all of the pieces rom has on display have been inspired by his first-hand experience of the buildings, both from a personal and architectural perspective. when i ask him to pick a favourite, he quickly hones in on manchester’s (decidedly wes anderson) midland hotel – my personal favourite too – for a very touching reason: it’s where he got married, several years ago. although the marriage may not have lasted, he’s still drawn to the edwardian baroque architecture of the hotel’s grand facade, designed in the early 1900s by charles trubshaw, full of sweeping arches, balconies and sculpted panels – it must have been an absolute joy to sketch!

having studied architecture at the university of manchester, rom now works at a architectural practice in the city by day, while spending his evenings and weekends working on his architectural draughting. he’s only recently started selling his work online, but has already received multiple orders and bespoke commissions from his growing instagram audience, which gave him the push he needed to pull together his first exhibition at foundation.

running from 4 feb – 1 mar, the exhibition features many timeless architectural icons including the arc de triomphe, eiffel tower, big ben, st. paul’s cathedral, trellick tower, andrewes house at the barbican, and the aforementioned midland hotel. all are available to purchase from the coffee house (and posted out next day), but if you can’t make it along don’t worry – all are available via rom’s website too. he’s also open to  commissions and has produced a number of bespoke cultural landmark designs for clients, as well as drawings of private homes. perfect for any architecture or minimalism geek (uh, hello!), rom’s drawings make a great gift to commemorate a special occasion, first-time meeting or your favourite spot in a cherished city.

a strong purveyor of sustainable art, all of rom’s drawings are printed on responsibly sourced, archival quality art paper, and packaged in acid-free recycled tissue and eco-friendly art tubes.

as a long-term manchester resident i thought rom would make the perfect candidate for my next secret city q&a! read on to find out his top tips for exploring the city..

rom, studio romuu

how long have you lived in greater manchester, and whereabouts are you based?

15 years and counting! i’m currently based in the lovely suburb of prestwich, but have mostly lived in the city centre during my time here.

what drew you to the city initially?

the buzz and perks of a big city like london, without the price tag, which means i don’t have to sell one of my kidneys to own a place here.

what’s your favourite thing about the city?

the grit and raw charm of the city’s industrial heritage.

best place for a morning cuppa?

oh this is hard! either foundation or ezra & gil.

favourite place for a design-fix?

this is more an art-fix but the whitworth gallery is both a stunning building to visit architecturally, and always holds amazing exhibitions and installations.

can you share an insider’s secret spot you’ve discovered in the city?

not a secret but i love the little back streets that spur off dale street which often remind of 1930s new york. i also love grub at fairfield and their plant powered sundays.

favourite way to spend a weekend in the city?

i’m quite the over-caffeinated city boy and will always love checking out a new café, bar or food venue and trying out a new cuisine (i’m quite adventurous with food so will try anything at least once). i love a pop-up event/festival, and visiting a good exhibition. when the weather is nice it’s sometimes lovely to get out of the city for walks. heaton park is great in the summer, and day out in the peaks is always brilliant!

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Finished – the York pinafore

I haven’t really been on the pinafore/overall/dungaree trend of the last few years or so, being a teen of the 90’s and wearing plenty of that sort of thing the first time around, but as often happens when one is exposed to enough styles, body shapes and variations of such a trend I’ve been swayed. I pulled the trigger on Helen’s Closet new pinafore dress, the York the day it was released. Despite overcoming my breastfeeding obstacles with the babelet, and thoroughly enjoying the time I spend nursing him I can’t wait until I can start to choose my outfits and sewing projects simply on what I want to wear, and not based on how easy it will be to access my boobs! But of course that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the York – awesome sideboob access! I loved the scoop sides, the lack of fitting needed and the slight cocoon shape. 

The dress was added to my queue but was bumped to the top a few weeks ago after I had a bit of a miserable moment one Sunday morning, hunting for something chic to wear out for lunch with friends that wasn’t jeans. I couldn’t find a skirt or winter breastfeeding friendly dress to wear that didn’t make me feel like an overstuffed sausage. The misery was short lived. I wasn’t going to feel disconsolate about the body I have, and I took immediate action that week, getting the pattern printed at a local copyshop, picking some black stretch denim from the stash and planning the style mods I would be making. I knew from the start that I’d be modifying the pockets – I love the giant patch pockets included in the pattern but long term readers will know I also love a cross body seam with an in-seam drop pocket – I’ve added them to other dress and top patterns in the past and find them very practical as well as stylish. I don’t use a tutorial anymore but in the past have used this one from Colette
I added a seam across the hips at the level of the top of the kangaroo pocket on the original pattern on both the front and back. I also cut the front and back pieces in two rather than on the fold, adding a full length CF and CB seam that was topstitched for some more design interest. 
Being a winter piece I wanted to line at least the skirt part so I could wear it with tights, and adding that modification was very simple, by cutting a second front and back skirt piece in some leftover rayon. After sewing the sideseams of the rayon up I then basted it to the denim skirt pieces, treating them as one before adding the pocket pieces. 
I pretty much then followed the rest of the pattern without modifications. Despite a bust larger than the C cup it was drafted for I decided to just cut a large with no fit modifications and I’m very pleased with the fit over the bust. I cut the longest length of the shortest view and ended up taking a nice deep hem to finish above my knees for some winter sass. 
Even with my modifications this came together very quickly, over a week or so of sewing during naps. I made the bias tape myself from some cotton leftovers in the stash, and a little tag of the same fabric to make it easier to differentiate front from back. 

Thus far I’ve worn it as styled in these photos – over a RTW nursing top. I really don’t like these tops with the underbust split but they are very practical as an underlayer, and in a stripe I like to convince myself that the split is a little more discreet. The combination certainly provides excellent access for my small person.

I’m really pleased with the fit – I feel great in it and look forward to making a linen version for layering over tanks in summer. The stretch denim adds that bit of extra comfort when sitting on the floor with the baby and that fabulous pocket is perfect for keys, phone, some cash and the odd random rattle or teething ring.

This is my first Helen’s Closet pattern and I’m really impressed. Her instructions are excellent and I’ve also purchased the apron add on – it’s so cute and clever!

The Perilla Jumpsuit – Free Sewing Pattern

Free jumpsuit pattern

Comfort is the new chic and I’m here for it!! Jumpsuits and rompers are garments that I feel will always stand the test of time. As we head into Spring and Summer, I live for outfits that I can pull-on, accessorize and go about my day in. The Perilla Jumpsuit is perfect for your casual garment needs! Although this jumpsuit has an elastic waist, we’ve added a cute belt pattern that looks absolutely stunning in faux leather! I used Mood Fabrics’ amazing two-toned orange and fuchsia linen and there are so many beautiful colors to choose from. You could also try using one of Moods cotton chambray fabrics as another great option. This outfit is perfect for brunch or a day party. Let us know how you plan on styling your Perilla Jumpsuit!

Free jumpsuit pattern
Free jumpsuit pattern

Fabrics & materials used:


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and you’ll be sent a link to download our free Pattern.
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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

Here’s how to sew:

Tip: French seams work nicely when sewing linen.

First, fold back the placket at center fronts, press, and top stitch. For a wider placket, you could cut and sew it as a separate piece.

After you attach your fronts to the back at the side and shoulder seams, you can attach your collar. Make sure to press your collar nice and crisp. For tips on sewing a standing collar click here.

Pin sleeves to bodice and stitch.

Now set the bodice aside to work on the pant.

Pin the open pockets to pant fronts as shown. Stitch pockets along the curve of the pocket opening. Turn and press along this curve. Then, fold the pocket in half to create the pocket bag. Stitch along the bottom and base stitch at the top and side seam of pocket.

Pin the pant fronts together at the center front seams and do the same for the backs.

Finish the pant by pining and stitching along the inseam and side seams. Press all seams.

Pin the bodice to the pant at the waist and stitch. Now you are going to attach the casing to the inside.

First, stitch the casing pieces together at the side seams. Pin casing to the inside of the waist attaching it to the seam allowance.

Press up the seam allowance on the opposite end of the casing. Topstitch along the casing to close it, but leave a small 2-3″ opening to insert your elastic.

Use a safety pin to guide your elastic through the casing then stitch both ends of the elastic closed. Slip stitch your casing opening closed and press to finish.

Finish by hemming your pant cuffs and sleeve cuffs. Add your buttons and you’re done!

Free jumpsuit pattern
Free jumpsuit pattern

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A Recipe for Success: How To Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog

Want to make the leap into designing your own patterns, but you’re not sure where to start? Designing a repeating pattern doesn’t have to be daunting! Today, Annie Parsons (anniedrawsthings in the Spoonflower Marketplace) demystifies the process for creating a piece of artwork that can easily be transformed into fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap. Ready to get started?

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog
My Big Fat Greek Salad

Moving from painting artwork to creating repeating patterns is easier than you might imagine, but, where to start? It all begins with the blank page and adding elements in a way that will make the digital chunk of the process a breeze.  Like baking a cake, turning your artwork into a pattern is a two part process.

The first key to success is selecting the right ingredients and combining them in such a way that you maximize your potential for a successful end product (YUM, cake!). Today, I’ll demonstrate how to choose those elements and combine them on that blank page to ensure your best success when you reach the digital phase of pattern making.

Step 1: Choosing Your Elements

Just like baking, your starting point in your pattern-building process is to choose the ingredients that will make up your end product. Instead of choosing flour and sugar for a cake, we’ll start by choosing design elements for our final pattern block. A design element can be any shape that you draw, whether it’s a flower, an abstract shape, or a novelty item like a bicycle. For this pattern, I’m using a delicious Greek salad that my family and I ate on vacation as inspiration, so I’ve chosen fresh vegetables to be my pattern elements.

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog
Annie’s elements include the ingredients that make up a Greek salad.

For a toss pattern, it’s best to choose large, bold elements to be the focal point of your pattern, and medium and small elements to be your supporting players. I’ve chosen some perfectly ripened, plump red tomatoes for my large element, the variegated cucumber wedges as the medium element, and the deep purple Kalamata olives as the small elements.

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog

Step 2: Order and Placement

In baking, it’s important to start combining your dry ingredients first, and then add wet ingredients later. In the same way, using a specific order and method to drawing your pattern elements can help your final pattern look amazing. When you’re ready to start drawing your pattern on paper, work from your largest design elements to the smallest. That way, your biggest, most important elements have priority of placement, and you can fill in any gaps with your smallest elements. Staying away from the edges prevents incomplete elements which won’t repeat well.

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog
A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog

Step 3: Keeping It Dynamic

While you’re drawing or painting your pattern, imagine how you want your artwork to look on a piece of fabric or paper. How do you want a customer to view your pattern? Can you see them being drawn in by your work, noticing the beautiful details of your art? Can you picture them looking at your pattern spread across a large surface like a skirt or a tablecloth?

Dynamic patterns engage customers and look beautiful on products, and the best way to keep your pattern dynamic is to avoid lineups. A lineup is when similar large elements dominate your repeat and distract your viewer from the rest of your pattern. To avoid lineups of elements when repeating, use an imaginary grid to place similar shapes on different vertical and horizontal planes. Let’s look back at my tomatoes to see this principle in action.

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog

Step 4. Direction and Imagining the Result

Let’s jump back to our baking metaphor for a moment: if you’re following a cake recipe, you probably have a picture of what your end result will look like. You don’t have that when you’re creating a pattern from scratch, but it always helps to imagine your finished fabric while you’re making your artwork. This helps you make choices that will save time later.

For example, I knew from the beginning that I wanted this pattern to be multidirectional (elements facing every direction) rather than one directional (elements facing only one direction). Sewists can turn multidirectional fabric any way they need to for their projects, which makes them a more versatile option in the Spoonflower Marketplace. Because of this, I saved myself some work in the digital stage by going ahead and painting elements facing upside down and sideways. Ta-da! Multidirectional artwork from the very beginning.

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog

Following these steps will help you make a piece of artwork that’s ready for scanning and digitizing! In other words, you’ll have a cake batter that’s ready to go in the oven. For more information on completing your pattern, you can sign up for my From Page to Pattern Skillshare class, which takes you step-by-step through the digital editing process, and you can check out all the other great design resources on Spoonflower’s blog!

A Recipe for Success: How to Create Repeat-Friendly Artwork with Annie Parsons | Spoonflower Blog
Shop Annie’s design in her Spoonflower shop

Thanks so much for joining me for painting and pattern-making today! For more tips, techniques, and behind-the-scenes looks at this pattern, check out Spoonflower’s Instagram feed. Feel free to join me on Instagram as well and send me a message if you have a question or just want to say hi! Happy making, and have an awesome day.

Annie Parsons is a designer and teacher on a mission to create bold, beautiful patterns for everyday use. She loves creating hand-drawn designs using colorful watercolors and inks. You can follow her artistic adventures on Instagram (@anniedrawsthings), check out her Spoonflower shop here, and enroll for her new Skillshare art and design classes here!

Headshot by Michaela Stam

you are beautiful

we all deserve a little bit of pampering every now and then.

there was a time when i’d have considered a trip to a beauty salon both a little indulgent, and generally reserved exclusively for towie-wannabes. i think i’d just not come across the right salon before. and now, now i most definitely have!

smuk is a new breed of salon championing beauty, inside and out, which doesn’t just apply to people but the whole salon experience, from the staging of the interior environment to the eco credentials of the products used, the range of organic refreshments offered and overall sense of ambience and wellbeing. opened in belgravia in march 2018 by danish entrepreneur miabella ristorp, who has over 15 years experience on the international beauty scene, smuk has been designed to offer a unique space that customers can trust for all their beauty needs, with a focus on the natural look and sustainability. that last part is key for me, as someone who has always associated beauty salons with layers of cake-like make-up, garishly long talons, big hair-dos and you’ve-been-tango’d tans!

i was introduced to smuk via a chance meeting at one of my favourite london design destinations, skandium, so knew this was going to be a very different type of salon experience even before i set foot in the space. as you enter the wonderful world of smuk you’re immediately immersed in a scandinavian design lover’s dream; a light and airy space filled with sleek modern classics from danish design brand menu, including anita johansen’s align daybed, rotterdam-based studio wm’s string lounge chair and theresa arns’ septembre sofa.

while you recline in the hyggeligt waiting area, surrounded by an abundance of beautiful coffee table books, tea and coffee are offered up in beautifully tactile ceramic cups by copenhagen-based potter ditte fischer, in a range of gentle pastel hues. this is certainly a place you can imagine happily spending plenty of time, quietly waiting for your colour to take, your nails to dry, or a friend to finish their treatment.

i’d been invited along to have my nails done – something i’ve only ever treated myself to a handful of times in my life (pun probably not intended). smuk use kure bazaar nail lacquer for their manicures and pedicures; an eco-natural formula that uses up to 85% natural materials, including wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. beautifully presented on two three-tier slate stands, there are a wide range of shades to choose from – including a few more outlandish ones for the daring amongst you (hello carioca!) – with many centring around the perfect shade of red for different skin tones, as well as various nudes. whereas i usually end up opting for the only vaguely neutral shade on offer, i thought i’d push the boat out for once and instead chose a wonderfully named shade of dark red: scandal.

i’m not entirely sure how i’ve not ended up with a better photo of my finished nails than the one below (snapped against insidestore‘s gorgeous charlie oscar patterson mural), but let me assure you they looked great, and the colour lasted almost an entire week – far longer than i’ve managed to sustain a manicure before without chipping!

i’m definitely keen to head back soon to try one of the other beauty treatments on offer at smuk, which include hair treatments, massages, facials, acupuncture, waxing and tanning. all of their services are designed to enhance your own natural beauty, using natural, toxin-free products from brands such as vita liberata, oribe, amazing space and kjaer weis.

how often do you treat yourself to beauty treatments at a salon? i’ve been trying to shift my mindset lately and genuinely carve out more time in my schedule for looking after myself, considering the financial cost of beauty treatments in terms of the nourishment and wellbeing value they add, and not simply discarding them as a frivolous, unnecessary indulgence. i’m definitely more inclined to spend money on massage and other overall body treatments that promote relaxation having experienced the benefits in recent months, and while i’m probably not going to start treating myself to regular manicures (because i can reasonably adequately paint my own nails), i’m intrigued to try a proper pedicure next, because – shock horror, all my friends were utterly amazed – i’ve never actually had one before!

so, better get my next trip to smuk booked in, stat!

 my manicure was provided free-of-charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photography are, as always, my own. 

smuk london, 20-21 eccleston yards, london sw1w 

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Striped Bouclé Coat

Hey! It’s Shams of Communing with Fabric with another garment made from a beautiful Britex fabric! For this project, my assignment was to choose a fabric from the Wool category. I quickly settled on this beautiful bouclé, Coat-Weight Black & Winter White Wool Blend Bouclé (Made in Italy). It’s 80% wool and 20% polyester.

I absolutely love this fabric! If you know bouclé, you know that it’s more loosely woven than most wool fabrics, and it can ravel. And, yes, this fabric ravels, but that means that you can use it to make fabulous fringe! Its content is mostly wool, but I did not find it to be scratchy. If possible scratchiness concerns you, order a swatch.

I’ve been inspired by recent Chanel collections (and, of course, Chanel is famous for their use of bouclé). The 2018 Spring show was held recently in Paris. If you watch just the first few minutes, you’ll see wonderful bouclé dresses, tops, pants, and coats featuring long fringe:

This fabric is perfect for one of these garments! I wanted a long coat with fringe at the hem and sleeves. To preserve the drape-y nature of the bouclé, my coat is unlined. It also has no interfacing or underlining. I had no trouble sewing this fabric, but here are a few tips if you are new to bouclé:

  • Since bouclé ravels, avoid giving it that opportunity. Use patch or inseam pockets, rather than welt.
  • Choose a pattern with fewer seams.
  • Bouclé often looks mostly the same on both sides, so MARK the right side of each pattern piece! You can use tape (such as painter’s tape), or safety pins, but I use two straight pins arranged in a plus sign. I like to live dangerously. 😉 (Do you want 2 left sleeves? If not, mark the right side!)
  • Once you’ve cut the pattern pieces, use a light touch. Don’t over handle it. (Some people immediately overlock the raw edges with a serger, but I don’t. If you do serge, be careful not to distort the edges.)
  • Stabilize seams, especially horizontal, curved, or diagonal seams, such as the shoulder and neckline. I stabilize with 1/4″ cotton twill tape. (I bought an 800 yard bolt years ago and it’s likely to last for the rest of my life.)
  • Contain the raw edges. As soon as I finish a seam, I contain it, in most cases with extra wide, double-fold bias tape.

    Did you know that this tape has a right side and a wrong side? The “right side”, the side that faces you as you sew it, is just a tad more narrow, as you can see in this cream-colored bias tape:
    The slightly longer underside increases the likelihood that it will be caught by the machine needle. I find it’s easier when I extend the tape so that it’s slightly longer than the seam, and hangs over beginning and the end. I trim it down later.

    I move the needle position closer to the edge of the tape, but this isn’t strictly required.
    Finally, I whipstitch the bias tape to the body of the coat. This is an optional step, but it gives the loosely-woven fabric more stability:

For the pattern, I used one of my TnT (Tried ‘n True) patterns, Butterick 6328:

Butterick 6328

I successfully used this pattern for another Britex project, a Burberry-inspired coat dress. Using a TnT pattern means you don’t have to spend time altering for fit—you can go straight to playing with the design.

I still spent time dithering on exactly how I wanted this coat to look. Some of the options I considered but didn’t use: black sleeves, no trim along front and neck edges, fringe on the armholes, fancy (embellished) trim (instead of plain), bias fringe around the pockets. This pic shows the result playtime:

Besides the changes from the last time, I made some additional style changes:

  • Lengthened to mid calf length.
  • Outlined the neck, fronts, and armhole edges with a textured wool-blend, doubleknit fabric purchased at Britex. This fabulous fabric, alas, is not on their website.
  • Added self fringe to the hem and sleeves.
  • Closed with 3 toggles, purchased at Britex.
  • Added oversized, lined patch pockets.
  • Cut the sleeves on the bias. This means I don’t have to match the stripe across the body, but that’s not why I do it. I do it because straight lines that extend from arm to arm (the entire width of my body), creates visual chunkiness and emphasizes my width. The diagonal lines of the bias sleeves break it up a bit, creating a more flattering line.

Making self fringe

Here are a few tips if you want to replicate the self fringe:

  • I cut strips of fabric, along the selvedge, 3-1/2″ wide. I used the selvedge because it is more stable, though this isn’t strictly necessary. You could stabilize this edge in other ways. The selvedge edge is sewn to the coat. These are the strips I cut for the sleeves (the selvedge edge has the white seam):
  • I cut the strips along the grain. The cross-grain is not as pleasing because the warp threads are uniformly thin. The weft threads are more varied. This pic shows cross-grain fringe:
  • I use the blunt end of a substantial needle to ease out one or two threads at a time. I pull the threads from the center of the strip, as I find that works better than pulling from an end. The threads are less likely to break, but it also causes less distortion to the ends of the strips.
  • These two loops are the next to be pulled:
  • The strip for the bottom of the coat is ready to be applied:
  • Right sides together, I stitch the trim to the sleeve with a 5/8″ seam. Once I open it up, it hangs like this:
  • Until I turn the raw edges up and secure:

I’m starting to pull together my wardrobe for Japan, and this coat may come along.

A few more pics:

That looks like an in seam pocket, right? It’s a carefully applied patch pocket. I spent time dithering on whether to outline the pocket with fringe, but decided to stick with a cleaner line.
I like that the bust darts are placed precisely inside a black stripe
I purchased three of these toggles at Britex. I placed one near the top, another at my full bust, and the third at the waist. To make them less obvious (and preserve the clean line of the coat), I placed each one in a black stripe.
Did I mention there’s a fair amount of hand sewing in this coat? I find hand sewing to be very therapeutic, and bouclé is wonderful for “absorbing” the hand stitches, but you don’t have to construct it that way!
Thanks to Britex for this wonderful striped bouclé! I purchased all other supplies.
<!– –>

Hey! A quilt!

Sewing inevitably generates scraps, and I’m loathe to throw away anything bigger than a hankie….. I’ve never felt the urge to quilt until I became pregnant last year and then decided I needed to cross the great divide and make something for my little babe to roll around on.

Over the years my garment colour choice has become more cohesive and so I had a very substantial collection of fabric scraps in blues, whites and reds, the perfect gender neutral colour choice that also made me very happy (after all I would be the one staring at it for years to come).

I was most inspired by a fabulous scrappy picnic blanket that Jenny made for the first Melbourne Garden Party, and lacking skills in precision cutting and patience I decided a similar layout would be best for this beginner quilter. 

I sewed simple strips of lightweight cotton fabric into blocks, until I had enough for a big square play quilt approx 1.2m square. I found it most useful when playing around with the pattern layout to take photos on my phone of my favourite combinations. It was then easy to piece together the blocks, with the pictures to refer back to. 

The back was pieced from heavier denim and furnishing weight cotton scraps also from my stash.  As I was close to 38 weeks pregnant by this time it was ready to be assembled I took the easy way out with spray basting the front and back to the cotton batting (there was no way I could kneel for the length of time needed to pin this thing together) and quilted very simple freeform horizontal straightish lines along the midline of each stripe plus the seamline of each piece. There were so many things I didn’t realise about quilting, the first being to start in the middle of the piece and work outwards, rather than from an end. 

I had enough blocks to make a smaller change mat, and actually quilted this first in order to practice my quilting technique. I decided lots of very close random quilting lines would look very cool indeed, not realising how damn long it would take. Hence the much less intense quilting pattern on the big mat!

I didn’t manage to get either bound and finished before my little love arrived, and it did of course take several months before I made myself finish them. The change mat was completely machine bound – a more robust but less pretty finish for something that would get washed quite frequently. The larger quilt was hand bound for a much nicer finish.

They are of course quite imperfect (starting with not even being square!!) but I do love them so – the backs as well as the fronts. I love the fabric combination, and the memories of garments I’ve made during my sewing trajectory. I’m in no rush to do it again mind you. Still very much #teamgarmentsewing!

No toile roulette – the Fielder Top

I’ve written before about being a Planner. I plan a lot of my life, to fit as much in as possible, and it’s been quite the eye opener since my small person arrived that not only must one plan life Even More with a small around, but one must be fully prepared that the day may turn to shit and that precious plan flies out the window. Quite the paradox.

Anyway of course I plan my sewing, and since my available sewing time has shrunk to just a couple of hours a week I’m finding sewing with a plan even more necessary. Interestingly I’m finding I’m actually sewing more for the upcoming season, rather than the current one. I used to have such an enormous sewing list that I’d always be trying to squeeze one more thing out of the current season then be alarmed that I had nothing to wear that I liked when the new season hit. I digress. 

Anyhoo my careful spring plans tootled themselves out the window when I saw this version of the Fielder Top by Merchant and Mills posted by Leslie from Fibresmith, a delightfully curated fabric and wool store that opened about a year ago in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs.

I don’t know what it was about it, but I was very enamoured. It’s not a new pattern at all, but I’m rarely drawn to the grim dour styling of the M and M patterns. But I loved the idea of a woven sweatshirt and I was SO sick of making knit garments. After my York pinny I yearned for more woven fabrics. So into my Fibresmith shopping cart the pattern went, along with some pieces of M and M cotton Lycra ribbing. Quality ribbing is very hard to find (other excellent online Australian sources include Maai Design and Crafty Mama).

So the Fielder. It’s a woven raglan top, with a bust dart and a lovely little shoulder dart that creates a beautiful curved shoulder line. Being a M and M pattern the recommended fabric is (their) linen. The neckline, cuffs and hem are finished with knit ribbing for a sporty look. It also has a dress variation (see Anna’s lovely version here). The sizing and ease seems generous but still flattering and stylish.

Initially I thought I’d have to face the unknown and do an FBA, as my prebaby C cup is still a distant memory – I’m currently a 14 E. My full bust measurements put me into a size 14 of the pattern. So I tried to do an FBA, then came unstuck when I realised the dart legs were not the same length. I couldn’t work out how to true the dart and after a couple of futile hours of slashing and spreading I cracked the shits over the wasted time (oh how I seethe these days if my time is wasted) and decided to sack the FBA and just cut out the 14 as drafted.

I was clearly in a bit of a reckless mood, and decided to through caution to the wind, cutting out some precious and fabulous palm leaf printed cotton-linen from Spotlight without making a toile. In my defence I did partial tissue fit after I traced it (I trace onto very cheap interfacing, which makes tissue fitting very easy, and can even be sewn for a quick fitting). I made sure the sleeves wouldn’t be too tight around my biceps, and that the bust dart was in the right spot.

Miraculously this turned out pretty damn well considering the extra weight I’m carrying and the extra boobage I’ve got going on. I did wonder if I should move the shoulder dart forward a little (as I always need a forward shoulder adjustment unless one has been drafted into the pattern) – and it turns out it would sit just a little better if I’d done that (and to be fair as modelled on the M and M website it would too). And maybe I could benefit from having the bottom of the armscye raised just a smidge, maybe just a centimetre, for better range of motion. If I was to do this I believe I’d need to remove that length from the front, back and sleeve pieces above the level of the armpit, then I’d need to drop the dart back down the same amount. Those with drafting/fitting prowess feel free to weigh in. Then again raglan’s tend to have a lower armscye and I’ve worn this several times and had no issues with range of motion which is pretty terrific considering I’ve often got a 10kg small in one arm. 


I feel this will be the perfect top for our Melbourne spring – great for layering and cool by itself on warmer days. I love how sporty and chic it is in the palm print. I’ve some Nani Iro double gauze that would be a lovely weight for this top, and I can’t get a navy and white linen stripe version with contrast millennial pink bands out of my head either.

I’ve won this round of #notoileroulette don’t you think?

See Where You Ranked in the Affirmations Design Challenge

See Where You Ranked in the Affirmations Design Challenge | Spoonflower Blog

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All About Velvet, Velour, & Velveteen

There are a number of similarities and differences between Velvet, Velour, and Velveteen — so it’s pretty easy to get them mixed up! So slip past this ‘velvet rope’, and learn the facts about these three fabulous fabrics!

Velvet is the most luxurious, shiny, and expensive fabric of all three! It has a high pile, and is the thickest of the whole group. It is usually made up of a blend of silk, rayon, or polyester. It’s nap is made up of long loops, and can be darker or lighter depending on the direction you push with your hand. The long loops help give the fabric a smooth texture. As a woven there is no stretch, but it has excellent drapability. It is also generally made with long filament fibers, that adds to its pristine reputation of only using the best fibers!

Velour is a stretchy knit, that has a medium weight pile. It’s loops are cut, and this gives the fabric a more of a semi-shiny finish, depending on where the light hits it. Velour greatly resembles Velvet, but is generally used for more casual clothing. It is usually characterized with a smooth and malleable drape like Velvet, but with the comfort of having stretch. Velour can be made up of polyester or spandex, so it can be washed.

Velveteen has the shortest pile of all, and is a lot stiffer compared to the rest of the group. It’s stiff characterisitics cause the fabric to lay flat, and does not drape well. It’s similar to coruduroy in a way, and it also generally less shiny, and more matte, making it great for upholstery applications. The nap for Velveteen is very short cut loops, and the fabric does not have any stretch, as it is usually woven. It can be made up of cotton and wool, however over the years wool has become an uncommon trend for this fabric.

There is new technology emerging everyday in the production of Velvet, and Velvet-like fabric products. Velvet can be made with cotton, elastane, or  combined with other fibers we’ve never even heard of yet! However, we find these facts above helpful to differentiate the differences between Velvet, Velour, and Velveteen, so hopefully it helps you too! 

Let us know in the comments if this infographic helped you in any way, and feel free to pin and share!

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