Blog of the Month: Censational Girl

This month I decided to change up my search for Blog of the
Month by doing my research via Pinterest. Typically I rely on Google to help me
find a crafty, fabric-loving blog each month. This month with a search of the
DIY pins on Pinterest I found an amazing blog run by a super crafty gal, Kate,
who also happens to be a fan of
(Thanks, Kate!). Kate’s blog, Censational Girl, is for the bargain hunters,
DIYers and crafters alike. Kate is a former lawyer turned blogger who loves to
revamp and turn old and busted into amazing treasures and shares her magic via
her blog and various other writing and design outlets. I fell head over heels
for her blog at first sight. It is lovely and easy to navigate. Censational Girl
features a Project Gallery
with great pictures with links to posts on how such an amazing project came to
be. And these are some serious how-to’s. Kate doesn’t just vaguely explain how
she got from the “before” to the “after”; her gorgeous pictures show each
product and each action to get a ugly table to an amazing show stopper (I am
referring in particular to my favorite piece featured in “My Bamboo is Peacock
Blue”). You can also find Crafts, Everyday Home Dec, Holiday Decorating, Home
Improvement, Fabric Projects, and many more in her Project Gallery.  

You also must check out her Style Files which serve
as excellent inspiration coupled with a great place to find inside tricks or
just fun reading on your favorite subject: Style. In Kate’s Style Files you
will find: Decorating and Design Articles and Spotlight Interviews. The
Decoration and Design Articles feature online posts that Censational Girl finds eye-catching, relevant and news worthy in the design world. I love the eye
candy. Kate’s Spotlight Interviews are a collection of interviews of up and
coming and established designers. You can find out inspirations and design tips
from your favorite designer or maybe find a new favorite. I love Emily

Please check out Censational Girl. I am sure it will become one
of your favorite go-to blogs for home ideas and stash busting (or stash
increasing) projects.

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