Finished – a pared down Helmi

A week or two back I shared this sweet little project on the Stitch 56 blog – it’s definitely a favourite! 
It’s the Named Clothing Helmi blouse, sans the ‘trench details’ – no shoulder flaps or cape, and no sleeve buckles. 

The fabric is an Atelier Brunette cotton in Blue-Black Shine – lovely to sew with, a cream with a very hint of blush as the base colour. It does crease a little but I still adore it. I felt that with a slightly sheer and more crisp cotton the shirt would be better pared back – those trench details would look great in a solid drapey fabric, like a silk or rayon.

I’m very impressed with the pattern, so pleased with the fit. Miraculously I fit into a single size – no triangle blending for me on this one. I made a small FSA of 1cm and thats it!

Pop over to Stitch 56 and have a read a few tips to perfect the collar and the placket. I love this pattern and it’s covered button placket (perfect if you practice buttonhole-advoidance like myself).

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