Finished – an epic mashup shirtdress

Stubbornness or determination? Both basically mean the same thing don’t they, it’s just the context in which they are used that determines if the trait is a positive or negative one….. anyway I’m well aware that I’m both stubborn and determined and this became obvious last year when I decided that I wanted a loose fitting post partum shirtdress that was Kalle-esque or perhaps Blaire-esque. Both patterns for gorgeous frocks but I had a mule-like moment (perhaps triggered by the knowledge I wouldn’t be working for 6 months) and decided that surely, SURELY I could mash up something in my collection to get a similar style without buying yet another pattern…. (of course I did end up buying the Kalle but lets not dwell on that).

And so I did. Don’t ask me to remember the exact nitty gritty but I started with the Sew Over It Alex shirt dress (from their Capsule Collection) for its placket, lack of back yoke and straight loose fit. A yoke would definitely have complicated things. I added the neckline, collar and collar stand of the Named Helmi shirt. I used the shoulder and cut on sleeve shape of Marilla Walker’s Maya top pattern (massive shoutout to Marilla who kindly resent me the A0 copy version that she released a couple of years after the original came out – I was too fat and lazy to be bothered reprinting and taping). Then played around with the Leisl and Co Bento tee cuffs until they fit the sleeve openings…. it was a faff, I’ll admit, but I got there in the end. Most epic mashup ever!

The fabric is from Tessuti, and is a curious cheese clothy- double gauzy- seersuckery linen cotton blend from memory. It’s two layers of fabric woven in a cool geometric pattern. The wrinkly texture allows one to get away without ironing, if one is time poor. The buttons are from the fantastic Arrow Mountain, a buttonmaker based here in Melbourne. They’re bamboo and I’m pleased to say are holding up well to fairly frequent gentle machine washing.

I was so pleased with my frock that I couldn’t bear to risk trashing it with my old machines crappy buttonhole function, so had great fun trying the automatic buttonhole function on Anna’s Bernina. Reminded me a bit of the auto parking function on my VW Golf. Which I have never been brave enough to use!

It’s been a great dress to wear this past summer and autumn, good for breastfeeding access and fantastic for its relaxed lumpy-body skimming fit. I like it so much I know I’ll still be wearing it next summer! What’s the mashiest supermash mashup you’ve ever attempted?

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