Make a Tulle Yule!

I love tulle. Is there anything more princessy than a cloud of floaty, poufy net in a pastel color? It’s heavenly. I wish I could get away with wearing a tutu every single day.

So when I recently saw an adorable vintage tulle holiday tree online recently, I knew I had to create my own version.

The good news here: no fabric to cut! I used tulle spools (this project takes two, but you’ll have a lot left from your second spool) in pink. The only other supplies you need are a piece of poster board, your trusty hot glue gun and a handful of glue sticks.

Before you do anything else, gather your tulle on your sewing machine. This doesn’t have to be a precision affair, so you can just push it through as you stitch in the (approximate) center of the strip. I gathered one entire spool, and then waited to gather my second one because I wasn’t sure how much I would need.


Once your tulle ruffle is done, set it aside and grab your poster board. Measure 14 inches from that corner and make a mark, then rotate your ruler or yardstick (maintaining the corner as your zero point) every inch or so to make an arc of marks from one side to the perpendicular side.

Clip along your arc of markings so you have a triangle with a rounded bottom edge.

Next, clip the corner off the top of your triangle. You don’t have to be super precise here.

Roll your triangle into a cone shape, and secure it gently with masking tape. I know my masking tape looks horrifying. It’s one of my cats’ favorite toys, so it’s been rolled through every speck of dust in the house. Thankfully, it’s only on the cone temporarily!

Squirt a little hot glue into the gaps between the masking tape and apply a little pressure to make sure the two sides are adhered to one another. Once the glue is cooled and set, remove the tape and fill in the remaining gaps so there is glue all along the seam.

Tulle time! Run a small bead of glue along the bottom edge of your cone, and gently press your tulle, along the gathering stitches, into the glue. Continue working around the base of the cone, gluing a few inches at a time.

7-tulle-tree.jpgOnce you’ve made one full circle around the base of your cone, continue gluing your ruffled tulle down just a little above the first row. Things will initially be tricky, juggling multiple rows of fluffy tulle, but it gets easier as you go.

This is my cone once I had several rows of tulle affixed to it.

As you near the top of the cone, cut a piece of unruffled tulle from your second spool about 14 to 20 inches long. Roll it up and insert it through the top of the cone from the inside. As your tulle spiral approaches the top of your cone, fluff out this piece to your liking, and allow it to pick up a little bit of the glue that keeps the uppermost layers in place. You can also drop a little glue inside the cone to anchor this piece.

I used up an entire spool and had about 5 inches of height left to cover on my tree. So, I just gathered another piece from my second spool until it was about 4 or 5 feet long, and that was enough to finish things off.

Once you’ve finished wrapping, you’ll have a fluffy tulle tree! As you near the top of the cone, you may find that your tulle is pulling or sitting oddly — this is because the diameter of the cone is so small, even the gathered fabric isn’t full enough to spread out evenly around it. You can clip your ruffles a little here to open them up — I just make a clip perpendicular to the long edge of the strip from the outside right up to where it meets the cone. Make as many clips as you need to get things the way you like. Because the tulle creates a fluffy, cloud-like appearance, the clips don’t really show if you make them judiciously.

11-tulle-tree.jpgBut what would a tree be without ornaments? I just glued some large pearls into the tulle, spaced randomly, to give the illusion of ornaments.

11b-tulle-tree.jpgHere is the tree being inspected by an average-sized cat, which will give you some idea as to the size of the finished project.

I just love my little tree! I want to make a matching black one for art deco holiday style! This would also be super cute in green, or even with two alternating colors. Add anything you like to create your perfect holiday style!

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