No Sew Felt Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Felt xmas1

With 2 kids, I am constantly looking for ways to involve
them in the holidays but without the risk to any of our decorations. That is a
hard task when Christmas rolls around: glass ornaments, ceramic table toppers
and porcelain angels abound. However, when I saw this Felt
Christmas Tree project idea on Pinterest, I knew it was just right for my
family. I set about planning my tree. I wanted it a bit different to blend with
my funky/traditional Christmas decorating theme that I always seem to end up
with so I cut my tree from turquoise felt. Next I cut several different circle
shapes from red, green, blue and purple felt and some square and rectangle as
well to serve as presents.

Felt xmas2

To decorate each ornament I used a combination of fabric and
felt. I cut small polka dots from felt for my 3 yr old to decorate ornament. I
also cut a snowflake inspired overlay for another. A simple white flower
centered on a red circle serves as nod to the traditional. For my fabric
decorations I let my love of polka dots have full access. I used several sizes
of polka dot fabric and cut using my pinking shears for a decorative edging.
Some of the presents feature ribbon and some felt add-ons.


I recommend using fabric glue for affixing fabric to felt
but for felt-on-felt and ribbon on felt use your glue gun or a simple running
stitch in a matching thread. The felt really soaks up the fabric glue so you
need something thicker to stick anything other than fabric. When gluing fabric
to felt, apply your glue to the fabric and then press it to the felt. Don’t
apply the glue to the felt first as it will soak it up.

Lastly, I hung my tree with thumb tack so my little one
could hang “real” ornaments from the branches. I made her some small pom poms
and tied the ends into a loop for hanging. You could also make more felt
ornament for hanging. My little bit loves her Christmas tree and re-decorates
it every morning after a visit to her advent calendar (free
pattern available here
). It makes a great backdrop for her Christmas photos.
The best part is it is unbreakable and cheerful!

P.S. I realize the length of her pants ruin my credibility but she could not be persuded to wear anything else

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