One of the Many Joys of Mod Podge

I’ve been seeing
a lot items made 
of pretty lace and doilies lately, then happened to stumble
upon this great tutorial on and immediately was inspired to re-purpose an old pair of shoes for holiday parties and

IG doily shoes.jpg

All you need is
some 10″ ecru doilies, a bottle of Mod Podge, and a craft paint brush. Don’t whip
out your grandmother’s heirloom doilies or the lace crochet skills! There are
several websites, 
such as or that offer doilies at a very
reasonable price. I followed the tutorial and viola: a
wesome re-purposed shoes! I love them. The project took me about 2 hours, not including drying
time. Cutting the doilies and piecing them together on the shoe takes quite a
bit of time.   I did not use clothes pins, as the tutorial states, which I
do regret. My shoes are
 suede, so they have a little resistance to stick. Clothespins
would have been very helpful. Allow 24 hours to dry.

I make a point not to wear them in the rain. But then
again, who doesn’t have shoes that are not to be worn in the rain? So, I’m okay
with it. In h
indsight, I wish I had bought 6 doilies. You
really need 3 doilies per shoe to maximize the round crocheted laced designs
because the
centers are the coolest. The more doilies the better, in regards to all

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