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I ‘m so glad to be back from maternity leave after having my
second child, a girl named Emily. I was going stir-crazy and longed to get
my hands on some craft supplies again. Many hours were spent holding a sleeping
baby, who would awake as soon as she suspected I would place her in a crib, so
those hours were spent on Pinterest pinning ideas to make later. In those
hours I rediscovered the Pom-Pom. Their fluffy, round goodness made my heart jump every
time I saw them in another project. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I
really wanted to incorporate pom poms into my holiday decorations. I decided on a pom pom garland because in my excitement I had already create a handful of pom
poms in several colors and I had run out of wreath forms.

I got to work shifting through my studio looking for half
finished skeins in colors to complete the rainbow garland I envisioned. In the
end I had my color scheme but it was created with both wool and cotton. After I
had made all the pom poms I would need I fell in love with the blending of the 2
fibers (wool and cotton) and loved the different texture it gave my garland. I
used only worsted weight yarns and my medium Clover
Pom pom maker
. This made pom poms approximately 2 ½ inches wide. I wound
them with extra yarn until I almost could not close my maker to create extra
fluffy pom poms. I also trimmed some pom pom more than others because I loved
the haphazard and impish look of a freshly made pom pom but I wanted a clean
look to my garland so I did not leave all my pom poms with the “Beatles’ haircut”.

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In the end I made 16 pom poms to make a 6 ft garland. DO NOT
CLIP the tie used to secure your pop pom; you will use it later. Using a bulky
weight yarn (this will prevent the pom poms from sliding up and down and
unifies the garland. Knot on end about 4 inches from the cut end (you can opt
for a loop instead) measure 72 inches and mark to make another big knot later
then clip the yarn 4 inches after. Thread the unknotted end onto a tapestry
needle and begin threading your pom poms. Insert the needle perpendicular to
the pom pom tie (the one we discussed earlier- see picture below). Slide your pom pom
on and repeat for all remaining pom poms. It is easier to line up your pom poms
before threading to determine the order. Once you are done, slide all your pom
poms down to give yourself room to tie the end knot. And you are done! For an
extra fluffy garland you can double the pom poms or use our extra
large pom pom maker
. You can opt for nontraditional colors like turquoise,
coral, orange and bright green.  If you
prefer a color themed tree, try making an extra long garland to create an ombre
effect on your tree. Start with the darkest shade of pom pom for your color
scheme on the bottom and work your way up to the lightest shade pom pom at the

pom pom 4

My pom poms were made using Lion
Brand Cotton Ease
and Lion
Brand Wool Ease
. The Garland was strung with Lion
Brand Wool Ease Chunky
in Tinsel

A quick tip: Wind the Pom pom maker with both ends of the skein. You will make your pom pom twice as quick!

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