As I’ve mentioned before, I am going to Paris in November with Marcy and Kathrine Tilton (squeal!)My friend Shams is going, and possibly my friend Joan.
As you and I know full well, I could simply use the wardrobe from my recent trip  to Portugal…it worked well, I loved it, it was fall-in-Europe, etc. 


I would miss out on one of my favorite parts of travel…MAKING A NEW

so here is the first key element of the wardrobe…it’s the Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic which I auditioned here 6 weeks ago. You will notice I am changing
my color scheme a little   by using a claret red. I fell in love with this French
Jacquard from Emma One Sock

Linda didn’t have quite enough for my jacket, but my dear friend Shams had
bought the last yard on the bolt and generously let me have it! THANKS, SHAMS!

Isn’t that a gorgeous color? The fabric was quite light weight, so I interfaced the whole thing with a medium weight fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply. I will still need a heavier coat/jacket but this was the fabric that sparked my creativity.

I also made the turtleneck top, a modification of V 8691,an OOP pattern by Katherine Tilton. The fabric is a silky double knit from JoAnns.

(showing off my roses and wisteria a little…)

I wore the jacket to a funeral yesterday so that I could assess its wearability…

It got an A+!

We have been blessed here in our valley with a really superb year for wildflowers…the first in several years. Friday, Dave, Paddy and I took a
picnic up our local mountain, 10 miles from our house, and enjoyed the beauty.

This is known locally as “Grass Mountain” and right now, it’s glowing neon orange from the poppies (and lupines, which you can’t distinguish here)

Such a beautiful place…Dave and I spent the New Millennium Eve here,
toasting the end of the century with a bottle of champagne.

HOWEVER, there is no gain without pain, or something like that…and we have both been suffering from horrendous allergies all week. Luckily I recovered by
the weekend, as my eyes had been looking just like my friend from Papua New
Guinea, here…

Here’s a photo of Paddy, me and the roses (and the sunspots)….


I will be hopping over to Visible Monday at Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style in a few hours…come on over!


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