Scrap Project: Plump Pyramid Pincushions

I have talked about my epic scrap stash many times. Every once in a while, I get the urge to actually put some of my tiny remnants to work on a project so I don’t feel like a crazy fabric hoarder. Since the holiday season is upon us, I also need to practice some quick gift projects so I can churn them out assembly-line style as presents for my sewing friends.

For quickie pyramid pincushions, you just need a teeny bit of fabric, a short length of ribbon or braid, and a bit of batting or fiberfill. For my samples, I used a cotton print, a home dec print and a bit of cotton velvet.

For each pincushion,  I cut:

4 equilateral triangles, 5 inches on each side
1 4.75-inch square

1-Pyramid-Pincushions.jpgAfter joining two sides of the pyramid, I fold a loop out of a scrap of trim and baste it to the apex. I join another pair of triangles, and then stitch that to the pair with the loop basted on, right sides together.

2-Pyramid-Pincushions.jpgOnce all the triangles are stitched together to form the pyramid shape, I stitch it to the square base, leaving a small opening for turning. I also do a little reinforcement stitching along the loop.

3-Pyramid-Pincushions.jpgThen, it’s just a matter of turning, stuffing and slip stitching the opening closed. Easy peasy!


5-Pyramid-Pincushions.jpgThese pyramids can also be made as pattern weights by simply adding beans or pellets to the base.

I bet you’ve got a scrap in your stash that would be perfect for a pincushion — and in less than an hour, you can whip up several. These are also easy to embellish and personalize! You can also change the shape by only cutting the four triangles and assembling them so one is the base and you have 3 sides to your pyramid. (I love geometry!)

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