Stockings With Character

While I have many favorite characters from the films I love, lately, I’m really into the Queen of Hearts from the 1951 animated version of “Alice in Wonderland.” So, with a need for holiday decor all too evident in my house, I decided that a villainous stocking was in order. I love adapting the designs from my favorite characters into projects, and the high-contrast colors of my dear queenie are just too fun to play with.

Here’s how I translated the Queen of Heart’s design lines into a fun stocking:

First, I roughly sketched out my idea. (Note: I’m not using the graph paper to measure anything — there won’t be any scaling up based on these squares.) I knew I wanted to focus on the chevron of alternating yellow and black at the front of her skirt, but I wanted to shift it off-center for a little more visual interest, and to take advantage of the the stocking shape.

1-QoH-Stocking.jpgNext, I made a larger version of my sketch on construction paper to use as a pattern, and labeled each piece by color to avoid confusion. The crown cuff was sketched out on a separate piece of paper.

Next, I cut the design apart, but kept things more or less in their positions. Again, this is for confusion avoidance — I often find it easy to get lost with this many oddly-shaped pieces!

3-QoH-Stocking.jpgAs I cut my fabric (I used duchess satin for all of this project except the white sections, which I cut from dupioni), I added about a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I just eyeball it, but if you want to try something similar and be more exacting, you can use this first set of cut pieces to create proper pattern pieces that include seam allowance.

4-QoH-Stocking.jpgOnce all my pieces were cut, I once again set them in place in relation to one another. I decided the heart would be an applique to avoid awkward piecing.

5-QoH-Stocking.jpgThen, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together. I actually left the pieces laid out as above, and just worked on a small section at a time.

6-QoH-Stocking.jpgAfter the front was assembled, I machine basted it to a broadcloth backing. I also satin stitched around the edges of my heart applique. Then I cut a back and a lining, and finished the project like any other stocking.

7-QoH-Stocking.jpgHere’s the completed stocking with the upside down crown cuff in place and a satin ribbon loop to hang it.

And here it is hanging at our fireplace. I hope Santa will bring treats to villains!
As you can see, it’s a pretty simple affair to add character to a project. Because I love many animated character designs, I have many more stocking ideas for the future, that’s for sure!

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