Super Simple Spa Wrap — From a T-Shirt!

Time for another dip into the T-shirt stash!

Spa wraps or quick-dry hair towels have occasionally popped up in sewing project how-tos for years, and I’ve always thought, “I should make one of those!” But I never did. Then, recently, a friend told me she had started using a T-shirt in lieu of a towel to dry her hair because her hair dried more quickly that way. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out her assertion and make a project at the same time!

Bonus: This project is crazy quick! It only requires one seam.

First, I squared up the bottom edge of a T-shirt, and cut a long curved line as shown below. It’s 21 inches long, and the highest point of the curve is 8 inches away from the hem edge of the T-shirt. (I just used my head circumference as the width of the double layer — I figured that would give me plenty of length to twist and secure my wrap.) My shirt ended up being 21 inches wide, so I just cut from fold to fold, but if you have a shirt wider than 21 inches, you can just cut it at the 21 inch mark and close it up with the one seam this project requires.

Next, I cut a piece of 1/4-inch elastic about 3 inches long. This is a great use for little scraps of elastic!

I folded the elastic in half and inserted it into my cut piece so that the raw ends would catch in the seam at the narrow end of the wrap.

This is how the elastic loop looks once the seam is stitched:

For my last step (What, it’s already the last step? YES.), I sewed a button from my button bag about 2 inches up from the hem edge at the fold on the wide end of the wrap.

5-spa-wrap.jpgAnd that’s it! This wrap is ready to go to work! To put it on, you nestle the wide end over the back of your head, then catch your hair into the long tail, twist it, and secure it with the elastic loop over the button.


In testing, this does indeed seem to get my hair to dry more quickly! Because the cotton is absorbent, but also thin when compared to a terry cloth, it pulls the moisture from the hair and allows it to evaporate more quickly — even though it’s not a wicking fabric.

Of course, you can also make these using spare fabric instead of a T-shirt. I had a scrap of a zebra knit (I have no idea what the fiber content is on this, but if I had to guess, I would say it’s a cotton/rayon blend) that was too small to do much else with, but it was the perfect size leftover for this project.

I added a little 1/4-inch elastic around the hem edge on this one to give it extra grip around my head — works like a charm.

This is also a project that you could gussy up to make for gifts. Use a pretty button instead of one from the stash, add a cute applique or washable fabric flower, and you’ve got a sweet, useful gift. And these are great for travel — they take up zero suitcase room!

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