Surprise Spring Sale!

Surprise Spring Sale!

Fabric Collections Now at $7.50/yd

Spring ahead to sewing with these beautiful collections, now on sale for $7.50/yd. And visit our Sale Section to sort by price for even steeper deals!

Darling Meadow Fabric Poster
Flora Folk Fabric poster Hawthorne Supply Co
Mix Tape Fabric Libs Elliot at Hawthorne Supply Co
Hakuna Matata Fabric Poster
Collage Fotor
Jubilee Fabric Poster
Dream Fabric Poster Makower Uk at Hawthorne Supply Co
Birdsong Fabric Poster Windham at Hawthorne Supply Co b
Paint Fabric Poster Andover at Hawthorne Supply CO
Over the Rainbow Fabric Poster Michael Miller at Hawthorne Supply Co
Science Fair 2 Fabric Poster
Neverland Fabric Poster
Wanderers Weekend Fabric Poster
Tahoe Flannel Fabric Robert Kaufman at Hawthorne Supply Co
Dragonheart Fabric Poster Makower UK at Hawthorne Supply Co
Out of This World Fabric Poster

Organic On Sale for $9.95/yd

Tout Petit fabric poster
Fanciful Fabric Poster Rae Hoekstra for Cloud 9 at Hawthorne Supply Co

Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

Kindest regards and happy making!

Lindsay and Charlie

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