The Great Cookie Swap- A Fairy Tale from the Fabric Maverick

 The tiniest elf thought perhaps this wasn’t such a bad idea whatsoever. Let us presume white elephant presents next year though!

The littlest elf waited patiently to get all the elves to react. The answer has been instant from some of the elves telling her what kind of cookies they would be baking. These will be the cookie swap veterans.” Ah this was a good thought” idea that the smallest elf, powerful pleased with herself. Then she started hearing some of their other elves mumbling.  Six dozen cookies- why that is seventy-two biscuits.  That is a Whole Lot of cookies!   Little did they understand exactly how the littlest elf had rescued them from creating 240 cookies. The other elf was heard mumbling- Can’t I just buy some biscuits and deliver them.  The other elf was heard saying that she did not bake, she only ate biscuits. The littlest elf found her a recipe which has been no bake. And as it’ll happen two of the male elves baked their biscuits one week too early.   An so it went until the littlest elf thought that maybe this was not such a wonderful idea.
We wish you a Merry Chistmas and baked cookies for all!

She placed all her party supplies and cookies by the door so that she wouldn’t forget them for the party day. She carefully checked her record to be certain everything was not there.  She prepared the table with a joyous cloth and displayed her biscuits. Every elf put their beautiful biscuits for everyone to behold. It was a wondrous sight!

A grumbling began amongst the elves there must likewise be a Christmas cheer in the several departments.  The littlest elf surfaced as the older, wiser elves chatted among themselves. Several days ago but the elves continued to grumble. The littlest elf chose to send an email to determine if anyone really wanted to have a cookie swap.  A number of the elves reacted and requested if this event would be held. This was the week that the head elf ran to her sleigh and fractured her foot.  Therefore that the elf proceeded with the program. The littlest elf had never completed a cookie swap so that she checked on the”Rules of this Cookie Swap”. Apparently each elf would need to consume 1 dozen biscuits for every guest elf. Every elf would make a different cookie so that the guests could have a variety of cookies to take home. The number of invitees was twentyfive. Certainly, she kissed her head nobody would need twenty-five cookies to take home. Perhaps we could cut this to three biscuits each- this would indicate that each elf will make 6 dozen cookies. This seemed so much more reasonable to the littlest elf than twenty dozen. It had been free and oh so much more intelligent that anything she could make. Her invitation sped through the magic of email to each of the elves of the property. She added the time, set and how many cookies to bake together with the principles of this cookie swap.

The littlest elf was committed to the party so she plodded on. She knew that she’d have to continue to keep her Sunday free for carbonated her biscuits. She purchased all her supplies the evening before. She left her initial batch and believed this wasn’t really challenging. She started to prepare her second batch and then started her spare bag of flour. The littlest elf didn’t bake frequently so that the bread was there several months. When she started her bag of bread, it was full of strange creatures. “Oh this doesn’t perform” said the tiny elf. She prepared her sleigh and rushed off in the rain to the closest shop. She immediately bought her flour and returned home. From the time she’d baked her final dozen cookies, her kitchen was dusted in flour as well as the hour was late. She thought maybe I need more than 1 cookie sheet?

Cookie Swap 1.JPG
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