The Serissa Top – Free Sewing Pattern

Everything is constantly going in and out of style, but one thing I thought I’d had enough of was ’80s puff sleeves. That is, until The Serissa Top came into my life. With adorable throwback sleeves and an easy wrap around silhouette, this shirt is one of the most versatile patterns I’ve worked with. Keep it styled with a lustrous fabric and gorgeous applique for an outfit that can travel from day into evening, or try a geometric lace and fringe for the cutest new addition to your festival wardrobe!

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

First, fold your ties in half, faces together, and sew along the bottom and angled end of the ties. Clip the seam allowance, turn right side out, press, and then set your ties aside for the time being.

Begin the bodice of your shirt by sewing your two front panels to the back of your shirt at the shoulders. Personally, I used French seams for this garment since it’s unlined, but you should also use a serger.

Pin and sew a length of the grosgrain ribbon to the fabric face along the top edge and neckline of your shirt. Fold the ribbon toward the wrong side of your garment, press and and sew to create a binding.

Placing the fabric faces together, evenly gather the bottom of your sleeve into the bottom of the sleeve lining, like you see below.

Fold the top of your sleeve lining to the top of your sleeve piece and pin them, wrong sides together.

Attach the top of your sleeves to the armscye of your shirt. Below, you can see how I attached mine with a French seam.

Close the inseam of your sleeve and side seam on the left side. On the left side, pin on of your shirt ties into the side seam of the shirt, 1″ from the bottom of the garment. Close the right side and sleeve, the same as you did on the left side.

Bind the bottom of your shirt as you did with the neckline. Cut  a 2.5″ piece of grosgrain ribbon and gather the edge of the right side of your shirt into the ribbon, like below. Bind the the edge of the shirt like you did with the hem and neckline. Hand sew two buttons at either corner of the binding on the face of the fabric. Add two corresponding 1/2″ loops of elastic inside the left side of your shirt.

Rather than gather the left side of your shirt into the ribbon binding, gather it into your other shirt tie. And just like that your new crop top is complete!

Will you be adding any 3D floral trims along the neckline like we did, or trying out the matching Romulea Skirt? Let me know in the comments!

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