Woven Felt Basket

Felt basket1

I have seen these
great Woven Felt
Baskets all over the design scene lately. They are popping up in all the design
shows and stores. They are a great storage option for living rooms and kids
rooms. The look can easily be modified depending on the colors you use. You can
make one for a little boys room in blue
and gray,
one for a girls room in cream
and neon
, one for your room in a bold Fuchsia
and one for the living room in cashmere
to blend in. They are really a snap to make and lots of fun. The only
supplies you will need are a calculator, 72” wide felt, a glue gun and some embellishments.
Each strip is woven of doubled felt to give strength to the basket.

Felt basket2


To make your own, first you need to decide how big and what shape you want.

Basket (Width, Length and Height is X)

Length of each strip is the width of the bottom plus the
height of the side (X+X).

Length of each ring is the width of the side times 4 plus 1 ”


Rectangle Basket (Width is X, Length is Y and Height is Z):

Strips A are the length of the bottom plus the height of the
side (Y+Z)

Strips B are the width of the bottom plus the height of the
side (X+Z)

Each ring is two times the width plus two times length plus
1 ”(2X+2Y+1)


Felt basket3

The number of strips needed for the width is the number of
inches (i.e. you want the bottom of your basket to be 15” then you will need
15 one inch strips). The number of strips needed for the length is the same
process. And it is also the same for determining the number of rings for your

Here is a great example, for a basket 15”w by 17”l by 12”h
you will need to cut:

Strips A- 17, 29” strips

Strips B- 15, 27” strips

Rings- 12, 65” strips

And you will need approx 2 yds of Rainbow
(remember each strip is doubled)


Felt basket4

Once all your strips are cut you will need to assemble your
rings. Glue one short end to the other end, overlapping one inch. Once all your
rings are glued set them aside. Start weaving your bottom by laying out all
your width strips parallel. Then weave in your first length strip using an over-under method. It helps to start at
the center and mark your centers with pins or small chalk marks. Once you have
all your length strips woven into your width strips, your bottom is complete
and you can add your first ring.

felt basket6.jpg


Felt basket7

Felt basket8

Flip the strips that will go inside the ring toward the
center of your basket and leave the rest lying out. Place the ring on top and
then reverse your flip (flip all the inside strips to the outside and all the
outside strips to the inside). Place another ring and do another flip. Repeat
the ring and flip until you are out of rings. Glue and trim (if needed) your
strips to the top ring, starting with the outside strips first and then doing
the inside. Hold your strips in place until the glue is cool before moving on
to the next strip. Finally add the trim around the top by cutting a 3” wide
piece of felt that is the same length as a ring. Start gluing it or hand sewing
it in place. If gluing start with the outside first and then glue around the
inside.  Your basket is now basically
done. You can finish it off with some embellishments as you see fit. I added a
whipstitch around the bottom of my trim and added a few small pom-poms. Try
adding rope handles or braided fabric handles. You can even try fusing some
fabric onto your strips to add a print or extra “wow” factor to your basket.
Vary the sizes and using them for anything around the house.

It will cost less than $13 to make a huge 15”by 17”by 12”

Here is a Target
for $25 15”by 15” by 11” for gray and cream

large basket is $49 for 18” by 14.5” by 11 for gray only

Both start at twice the cost of our DIY version and by
making your own you can choose your colors!

Felt basket5


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